Old News


December 13 - 10

Patricia Tomaszek is the winner

of Summen Perfect Gap CDR.

Tank you Patricia!


December 12 - 10

Black Smoke is one year today!


We also have a winner of Summen Perfect Gap

CDR. We will announce the winner as soon as we get

permission to show the name on our website.

Thank you all for visiting!

December 6 - 10


We finally managed to

give you Flash Players on the listening pages.

These are widgets from our SoundCloud page.

If you use iPad, the old QuickTime

listening pages are still there.

December 1 - 10

Summen Perfect Gap album release.

Summen releases Perfect Gap as a free download.

You’ll find it here.

You can also buy this album as a CDR.

You’ll find it here.

If you are in Bergen, Norway, you can buy

CDRs at Apollon record store in a week or so.

We let you know.

We are celebrating one year anniversary December 12th.

The first one to send us an email and say happy birthday,

wins a Summen Perfect Gap CDR. Remember to write

your address.


Added Record Store.

Minor changes and adjustments.

November 7 - 10

Summen Perfect Gap release date.

Summen will be releasing Perfect Gap

December 1st - 10.

You can listen to two of the songs on SoundCloud here.

This release will also be available as a

hard copy on our soon to be record store!

We have had a lot of visitors lately.

79 GB was downloaded in october.

We’re really not sure how our server handles

that much traffic when it comes to your download

speed on a very busy day.

Please let us know if you have any problems.

Thank you all for visiting!

October 9 - 10

Errand Boy and Castles album release.

Errand Boy releases Cape Disappointment and

At the 24 Hour Art Marathon. You’ll find it here.

Castles release Indifference.

You’ll find it here.

Summen has finished their album.

It’s called “Perfect Gap”.

You can download two of the songs here.

The album will hopefully be released in November this year.

September 28 - 10

Castles joins us.

Castles from Washington DC will release the album

“indifference” on October 9th.

Thats good news.

You can visit them on SoundCloud here.

Errand Boy

releases “Cape Disappointment” and

“At the 24 Hour Art marathon”  on October 9th.

V 1.0.4

Added SoundCloud DropBox here.

News moved to front page.

Minor adjustments.

June 27 - 10

Rally changes name to Summen.

Rally has been looking for a new band name for a while

because the name Rally is used by a couple of other bands.

Summen is norwegian for "the sum"

(like the sum of two numbers).

Pronounced in english it will sound like the word

"summon" which is a link to Rally (to gather, bring together).

Anyway... The releases from Rally will remain as Rally.

An EP with cover songs and an album will be released as

Summen later this year.

June 26 - 10

Errand Boy joins us.

We are very happy to tell you that Errand Boy, from

Montréal Canada, will be releasing “Cape Disappointment”

and “At the 24 Hour Art marathon” as soon as they’re ready.

You can find out more about Errand Boy at

last.fm and myspace.

May 26 - 10

Ecapito - Hooray For Our Guys Released.

The day has come. We finally release Ecapito’s debut album.

You can listen and download the album for free here. Hurra!

V 1.0.3

Added contact page.

Minor adjustments.

Apr 08 - 10

Ecapito - Hooray For Our Guys delayed.

We’re sorry to inform you that  Ecapito’s debut album

is delayed until further notice.

No, we have not misplaced the master tapes this time.

We hope to release the album sometime in May 10.

We’ll let you know.

Rally has recorded five new songs we hope will

be on an album soon. We’ll try to keep you updated.

Feb 24 - 10

Rally Spoiler is back again.

We’ve uploaded the mastered version of Rally Spoiler.

It should sound less muddy and not so heavy on the bass.

The album is not professionally

mastered and probably should have been,

but there’s no money to do that.

For those of you who already downloaded

the unmastered version got your hands on a real collectable,

but should consider downloading the new one.


For those of you who have problems listening to the

previews in QuickTime, there is now a link to our

Last.fm page at the artists’s “listen first” page.

You can listen to the songs there.

Feb 18 - 10

Rally Spoiler removed temporarily.

We have been giving you the unmastered version

of the Rally Spoiler album and will upload the

mastered version as soon as it is found and made ready.

We’re very sorry for this and really want to explain

how this could happen.

We hope we haven’t damaged any ears,

speakers or earphones.

We’ll keep you posted.

Jan 6 - 10

V 1.0.2

New front page colors.

Minor visual adjustments.

Dec 29 - 09

V 1.0.1

What’s new:

Minor adjustments.

We have added FLAC audio files of all our releases.

You can learn more about FLAC here.

Dec 12 - 09

V 1.0

We celebrate the official opening of Black Smoke

by releasing Rally - Spoiler and Tape OP 2 - EP.

Ecapito is releasing an LP early next year,

you can download two of the songs here.

Although we have completed BETA testing we will

continuously try to improve this website.

Suggestions? smokesignals [at] blacksmoke.com

Apr 9 - 09

BETA testing

Our friend Erik has tested the site on Linux for us. Thank you!

Everything worked fine in Firefox.

Opera downloaded the MOV file when he just wanted to

listen to the songs (in the browser).

He tells us that this depends on how Opera is configured.

We also experienced this when we tested

Internet Explorer in Windows Vista.

If you have any problems playing the AIFF and

M4A/MP4 files, download VLC. It plays almost anything.

Apr 7 - 09

BETA testing

Our mailbox is up and running.

Send us a mail if you’ve got something on your mind or

have something you want us to hear.

We also welcome input on how we can make the site better.

smokesignals [at] blacksmokerecords.com

Apr 2 - 09

BETA testing

You can now listen to the songs before downloading.

We have tested the site on Internet Explorer,

Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome on Windows Vista.

We found some issues, read here.

We have also downloaded and played Rally Parroting EP

AIFF and M4A on the latest version of

Windows Media Player, iTunes and VLC on Windows Vista.

We have also tested Safari, Firefox and Opera on

Mac Os 10.5.6 and downloaded Rally Parroting EP

in both formats and

played them on iTunes and VLC.

Apr 1 - 09

BETA testing.

We Release Rally Parroting EP.

It contains three songs.

You can download it here.

There are no preview of the songs yet.

Mar 31 - 09

BETA testing.

Today we start testing the site on different browsers and

operative systems. There are no audio files at this point.